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Great creative photography is the final piece of the marketing  jigsaw…

In terms of attracting new customers and increasing business, we believe great pictures are as important as the rest of your marketing and PR stratagies. 

In this highly visually aware social and business environment, you will be reaching out to potential customers who’s first experience of you brand or product could well be a photograph on your website, Facebook page or promotional literature. If this image is professional and striking it will encourage the customer to go on, read about – and eventually – purchase your product.
If you have a first class product or service, you are taking a number of risks by allowing sub-par photography of your brand to enter the public domain, it will influence public perception of your brand and the way you operate.
Making your ‘product’ look great with beautiful photography will add value to your existing branding. Whether its a clean, sharp cutout, that clearly shows your logo and brand identity, or a creative ‘lifestyle’ image that re-enforces the significance of your product in the market place. We believe that an investment in high quality creative photography will pay for itself in increased brand awareness and desirability.
At the Pixel Kitchen we specialise in producing high quality creative photography and video for a wide range of commercial uses. With an in-depth knowledge of producing digital images for all types of promotions, we can advise you on the best format for anything from large banners for exhibitions, through print ready files for marketing material and press releases to fast loading jpegs for e-commerce and social media. Please feel free to phone William for a chat about your possible photography needs or send him an e-mail at contact@thepixelkitchen.photography

Uses for Pixel Kitchen images

  • Point of Sale
  • Pack shots
  • Packaging
  • Labels
  • Marketing material
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • PR usage
  • Print advertising
  • Trade stands and exhibitions

We also

    • Work together with your graphic and web designers to produce exactly the right image for your needs
    • Colour correct all images on calibrated monitors
    • Talk to your printers and supply the type of files they request
    • Retouch all supplied images so that they are ‘clean’ and ready to use

We can supply

High resolution Tiffs for large format printing and packaging
Print ready PDF’s for promotion material and press
High quality jpegs for e-commerce sites and social media
HD video for demonstrations, web sites, youtube etc

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