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Project Description

Rankins Catering – Sissinghurst

In January 2014 Rankins Catering in Sissinghurst, commissioned The Pixel Kitchen to photograph a selection of dishes from across their catering menu, to be used in a planned website update.

The brief was to keep the images simple, clean, and contemporary in keeping with the design of the new site, and also so they could be used for other forms of promotion in the future.
This simple approach, also makes it easy to extend the portfolio of images with more photography as the menu changes with the seasons.

All 16 images were photographed in a day, on location in the Rankins Restaurant, causing minimal disruption to Hugh and Lee’s busy catering schedule.

For more information about Rankins Catering, and to see the new web site and images click here: www.rankinscatering.co.uk

Project Details
Creative Photography
January 2014
Rankins Catering
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The Pixel Kitchen
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