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Project Description

Silcocks Farm Shop
Located in the Kent countryside just beyond St Michael’s in Tenterden, Silcocks Farm Shop offers a range of high quality organic meat and dairy produce sourced from land farmed by the Fenton family for over 25 years. All of their meat is from animals born and reared on the farm to Soil Association organic standards, and includes beef from rare breed Traditional Hereford Cattle, lamb from Kent’s indigenous Romney breed and pork from rare breed Gloucester Old Spot pigs. Organic milk, cream, cheese and ice-cream are made in the Silcocks Farm Dairy and sold in the shop. A recent addition to the shop is the newly refurbished Silcocks Café, serving delicious home made and locally farm sourced food.

This was a one day assignment that need to show the shop, the new cafe, and a range of Silcocks own organic products. Silcocks plan to use the new images in a variety of ways; including on a new web site and store, and as printed material that will be sent out to relevant local and national magazines and publications.

Being Produced in Kent members Silcocks were also able to take advantage of our 20% discount offer, details of which can be found here.

You can find more information about Silcocks Farm Shop here:

Project Details
Creative Photography, Interior Photography, Product Photography
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January 2015
Silcocks Farm Shop
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