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Project Description

This is Bacon…
…are producers of high quality bacon, traditionally dry cured with a twist – the addition of amazing flavourings; the use of dry cure mixtures on the pork, allows the infusion of flavours such as chilli, garlic and herbs into the meat. The bacon is then hickory smoked and air dried ensuring that it will not shrink in the pan, cooking to crispy perfection.
Their current range is:
– Garlic Bacon
– Chilli Bacon
– Herby Bacon
– Cinnamon Bacon
– Bourbon and Demerara Bacon
– and just plain old Bacon!

The Pixel Kitchen was commissioned by This is Bacon to produce a set of strong images to show their production process, from pig to plate, concentrating on the handmade craftsmanship and quality of their products. This project took a days photography and was carried out at the This is Bacon production kitchen, and on location at the Independent Trotters farm in Kent, where the Free-range pedigree pigs graze on the North Downs.
It is planned to use the images on the new This is Bacon website, and for print promotional material.

As Produced in Kent members This is Bacon were able to take advantage of the PinK members discount, details here

Project Details
Creative Photography, Product Photography
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February 2015
This is Bacon
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